Right Tricks Reduce Anger

SOMEBODY got angry if feel any "attack" against him or other things that become "hers". Usually those who become angry even before it had feared happened.

For example, when the car was damaged, the owner will feel angry because in his mind it would disrupt financial damage, or thwart his plans.

And if you think further, it will be realized that thinking about how to improve or continue the work plan is much more important than being angry. Expressive or open anger characterized by physical activity such as shouting or other estate, is believed to reduce the negative effects of anger because it would draw a lot of outside help to ease it. That is dangerous is passive anger or passive anger is expressed, among others, by:

Dispassion, like a bland smile, ignoring attitude, excessive sleeping, sexually cold, speaking without facial expressions that correspond to the conversation.
Evasive, such as re-doing the bad habits that have been abandoned, to avoid further conflict or suffer from a phobia.
Defeatism, thwarting its own efforts made or frustrate the efforts of others, picked the wrong person to a dependent, sexual impotence, frustration on the little things but ignore an important issue.
Obsessive behavior, become excessively perfectionist, diet or overeating.
Psychological manipulation, provoking acts of vandalism but make the pattern non-involvement, emotional feelings, tears or fake illness.
Secretive behavior, away from the crowd, refusing to look at the other person's eyes, disappointing others, stealing.
Self-blame, apologizing excessively, openly critical, inviting criticism.

Psychological while Anger

How to prevent a more severe psychological damage as a result of passive anger?

Mind Revolution, modern humans have a psychological immune due to the development of intelligence is of course difficult for humans to solve psychological problems with common methods used by academics. The reason is simple, because the academic method was created in a different era with human psychological conditions are also different.

Only one thing remains the same, namely that the psychological condition is an expression of a way of thinking and expression, so the solution must be psychologically holding on purpose to change the way of thinking and speech.

For example, if you often get angry because the behavior of the kids, why not try to think that such behavior is precisely the thing that will make you proud of them someday?