No More Boring Salads: Tips for Enjoying Your Salads

Confession, I used to dread eating salad. Some days, I still find myself thinking that way. But, I have to tell you, my mindset has recently been changed about them. Each day as I embrace raw foods more and more, I have found several golden nuggets that have helped me along the way to not only eat my salads, but to look forward to them. Check these out.

1. Try different textures.

This has been a key tip for me. Sometimes just finely chopping your veggies or cutting them in a different way makes all the difference. For example, cut your lettuce or kale into thin shreds like a taco salad. Process nuts in the food processor and then dust your salad with them. Slice your onions in a different way than usual (super thin or make them chunky).

2. Get some go-to dressings.

Having 3-4 dressings that you can quickly whip up that are tasty is very important. For me, this changes from time to time. Sometimes one flavor really catches my fancy for a while and then boom, time to get excited about a different one. The important thing is that you have a couple dressings in your back pocket and keep finding new ones to rotate in. If you need some ideas in this department, check out my favorite dressings right now.

3. Don't be afraid to use different greens and rotate: sprouts, cilantro, kale, romaine, parsley:etc.

I recently discovered this. It sounds really silly. But honestly, having a sprout salad or adding in fresh cilantro to your salad really just makes it exciting!

4. Add ons: Sprouted nuts/seeds and fruit (Introduce some add ons you normally might avoid.)

The theme you are probably catching at this point is to keep mixing things up. Don't get boxed in! Don't always have the same salad, bring in different veggies, fruits or nuts. Don't be afraid to try out something previously on your personal "Do Not Eat" list. Olives were on my "Do Not Eat" list, but just 4 months ago, I started eating them. No joke, now I eat them plain just as a snack and this comes from a previous olive-hater.

What I want to share with you through these 4 points is simply this: Salads don't have to be your enemy. They can become your newest best friend. By mixing it up even just a little bit, I've found I have gotten excited about salads again. Get inspired and just go for it! Happy salad eating!